Do Dogs Love Their Owners? Do You Know the Signs?

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How to tell if your dog loves you! Dog and Owner Matching.

Have you ever wondered if your dog loves you? If your dog is the kind of pup that licks your face, follows you around the house, and sleeps with his head on your lap then he probably does love you. But how do we know for sure? There are many signs that can help us determine whether our furry friends feel affectionate towards us or not. In this post we share 11 signs which indicate your pups love for you!

  1. One of the most common ways to tell if a dog loves you is by their body language. If your pup leans into you when you pet them or cuddles up close, they're definitely sending out signals of love. Dogs that are relaxed and happy will also wag their tails more enthusiastically than those who aren't as thrilled with being around you.
  2. Another common sign that dogs show when they love their owners is by licking them on the mouth or face, similar to how babies give kisses. This act of affection can be seen as sweet and loving but it's actually an indication of submission—pups who love their humans will often lick them as a way of showing respect.
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  3. A dog's eyes can also give away clues about how they feel towards their owner. Dilated pupils and relaxed eyelids usually mean that your pup is feeling content in your company, while narrow pupils and tense eyelids may suggest the opposite.
  4. Tail wagging is a surefire way to tell if your pup loves you! Dogs who are excited or happy will wag their tails faster and higher when they see you. Whereas dogs with lowered tails may be signaling that they're nervous in your presence.
  5. This is a surefire sign of love, especially for big breeds who naturally have strong mothering instincts. If your dog stays close to you, keeps an eye on what you're doing, and makes sure they stick by your side at all times it's because they love you!
  6. Dogs are very good judges of character so if yours is the type that barks or growls when strangers come into sight then he definitely trusts and loves you. This is because dogs see their owners as a part of their pack and they want to be sure that everyone in the family is safe.
  7. If your dog brings you toys or bones it's probably a sign that he loves you! Dogs often bring presents to the people they love as a way of showing appreciation. It can also be a sign that they're concerned about your happiness and well-being, so if you notice this behavior then take it as an extra compliment!
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  8. Oftentimes dogs will try to drag their owners to where they want them to go—this is because pups often see themselves as the leaders of their pack. If your dog does something similar or drags you to where their toys are, it's because they see you as one of them!
  9. If your dog is the kind that snuggles up next to you when he sleeps then there's a good chance he loves you. This may not sound like much but for many dogs this is an act reserved only for those who are closest in the pack.
  10. This is a behavior that's often seen in dogs who are very attached to their owners. If your dog constantly follows you around and never leaves your side, it's because they love you!
  11. If your pup barks or whines when you leave them alone, it may be because they're not used to being away from you and they're afraid of being alone. This is another sign that your dog loves you and depends on you for their emotional security.

So there you have it! Eleven signs your pup absolutely adores you! Keep these in mind the next time you're spending some quality time with your furry friend and see how many of them apply. For further tips see this video

And as always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us!


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