We donate 5 percent of each product purchased to the ASPCA

Not only will you have the cutest personalized products, but your purchase will go to helping the most vulnerable animals

We at Personable Pet adore our cats, pups and other furry pets, we cannot stand that some vulnerable animals are mistreated and left in poor conditions. We know the ASPCA does incredible work to help vulnerable animals and help reallocate pets to safe and loving homes. 

The three key reasons why we choose to donate to the ASPCA

1) They save pets lives through reallocation

Too often, dogs and cats in shelters are euthanized simply due to lack of shelter space when many of these animals would be quickly adopted in other states or parts of the country. The ASPCA Relocation program and Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride saves pets’ lives across the United States by transferring them from areas of oversupply to places where few, if any, similar shelter animals are available for adoption. In 2020 alone, over 27,000 animals were reallocated and saved. 

2) They advocate to improve animal safety laws and regulation

A big part of what the ASPCA does is help to create, promote, enact, and enforce stronger animal-protection laws. From fighting puppy mills and improving chicken welfare to providing expert forensics and testimony, there are many different and important ventures that the ASPCA works on. You can learn more about these here.

3) They are forging a path to protect against profit-driven puppy mills

There’s a reason the retail pet industry doesn’t show you where its puppies come from. To turn a profit, corners need to be cut, which means poor care for dogs in puppy mills. The ASPCA is fighting to regulate this environment and doing work to educate pet owners on where they can buy their pets responsibly, whether that be from a pet shelter or from responsible pet breeders. To educate yourself on the puppy mill practice and what you can do about it, go here.

This cause is dear to our hearts, no animals should suffer or be put down.

We hope you appreciate this cause and know that your purchase will contribute to save the lives of other beautiful animals just like your own precious pup or cat.

You can learn more about the ASPCA here, or make a donation here.

Thanks for coming to our little corner of the world and for being a great pet owner.